Real Life Stories About Casino Films

Casinos, gambling, and online gambling has been influential to so many people and things since the early centuries, and even entertainment has been affected. Many celebrities and icons also started gambling, playing online poker and poker because of problems they want to escape, or they just want to have fun. And not just that, but many movies about gambling have been made for many years!

Some casino movies are fictional, while others are based on true and real events, which has made history to the gambling world. In fact, we have one movie, in which we can use as an example. The movie is called Casino, directed by Martin Scorsese in 1995. Robert De Niro is featured in the movie as Sam Rothstein, based on a real character named Frank Rosenthal.

First of all, the movie is about a Chicago mafia gang who took control over all casinos in between the 70’s and 80’s. Ironically, one of their known gang members is Frank. And, did you know that Rosenthal had no gaming license?

Yes. He had no gaming license, yet he still can get access to casinos. His mob also gave him low profile titles so that he could play. Whether it is a director, a manager, or a banker, he still has a plan to play. When he went to court for conviction, Rosenthal told them about the judicial system and process being so unfair that most people never gave the justice they needed.

Killings can happen at any time, but this man just survived a car bombing. This is also based on accidents Rosenthal has faced in his early life. And surprisingly enough, he survived. Why is that? Oh, right. A support plate can be found on the driver’s seat in some cars. He was glad that he survived, but an ex-casino owner got assassinated because his location was tracked down and found in Costa Rica.

Rosenthal’s ex-wife, Geri, was reported to have been engaged with Spilotro, but the real reason why is unknown. Long after, Geri died because of drug overdose. This is portrayed in the movie, and how she died is also seen correctly.

Spilotro, however, also died by being beaten by gang members, along with his partner. They were buried in a cornfield alongside Indiana. This scene was considered one of the most brutal killing scenes in a gangster/casino film.

Well, there is a counterpart of this scene. Santono and his brother, Dominick, were captured by Frank’s gang after an incident of a car bombing. Why did they capture them? They accused Santono of taking control of a car bombing that happened before they were in the hands of a mob, considering that they want to get their sweet, sweet revenge on him. Just like Spilotro in the movie, Santono also got buried, but instead, they buried him alive with Dominick, at the same Indiana cornfield, by Mobsters.

Movies like these are very brutal, but are also melancholic, and ecstatic. It also has a beautiful concept of adapting real-life experiences into a film. And not just that, depicting stories from real life to movies can make the viewer go beyond his imagination of what really happened. Just like this film, where it shows the life and the struggles Rosenthal had. If you want to know more about casinos, online casino, and stuff, you can check out our website! You can find guides, daily news, information, games, and even more great things about gambling! And, do not forget to stay safe, stay clean, and have fun!