Top variations of blackjack worth trying out

The online casino sector is flourishing and generates multi-billions in revenue per annum. Such is the success of online casino sites globally; some people are beginning to consider opening a gambling business of their own to cash in! The rise of casino gaming online has many reasons behind it – from the convenience it offers to mobile play and some great promotions for players to enjoy. However, one key factor is the range of games that you can play online at internet casinos.

Resorts Casino is a respected NJ online casino that offers convenience, cool games, and secure payment methods. As with other top sites, they also run a wide selection of games to try. Blackjack remains a popular choice for many players, and when you get bored with the standard version, there are some interesting variations to try out.

Blackjack Switch

The two most common types of this game you will see in casinos are European and American blackjack. If you want a change, Blackjack Switch is worth trying. Players are dealt two separate hands and have the option of moving the second card dealt to each hand between them. This naturally brings a fresh slant to the gameplay and makes it more interesting to play. Having the ability to swap cards between the two hands also brings more strategy into the game, and if played right,it can help you win more.

Vegas Strip blackjack

When it comes to variations of this classic game for online players, Vegas Strip is one that you might see a lot. Of course, it takes its name from famous Las Vegas, which is still the home of casino play. In this version, the dealer can look at his hole card and also has to stand on a soft 17. This version is usually played with four decks and allows you to double down after splitting the aces. If you want a new take on blackjack without it being too alien, this is a good choice.

Spanish 21

Also known as Spanish blackjack, this is usually played with six or eight decks. Interestingly, all the ten cards are removed before any are dealt. That leaves just 48 cards in play, rather than the usual 52 in a standard deck. This version also allows the dealer to look at his hole card and to win if they hit a 21 or straight up blackjack. Spanish 21 also allows players to surrender after doubling down, which ups your odds of winning a little in this variation.

Blackjack comes in many different flavors

As the above shows, this classic casino card game comes in a few cool variations to try. If you have played the standard versions like European or American for a while, trying out something new can add extra fun to your sessions. Of course, if you get the hang of them, they will also give you more ways to win money as well!